Ermagerd. USWest d.b.a Qwest d.b.a CenturyLink d.b.a Lumen, man. Never again. It's companies like that that are turning the U.S. into the most advanced third world country on the planet.

I've played ESO for about 5 years but that been exceedingly frustrated by the bugs in that game. It is easily the buggiest AAA MMO of all time with bugs riddling everything from their LUA UI scripts to their network code to their basic UDP 101 client/server design. At one point they were generating so many report-the-error-code-to-Sony bluescreens that Sony put a boot on their neck and said no, you can't release your next DLC until you reduce the bluescreens. So what did they do? They just changed their trap code to not report the codes to Sony, jumping to a hang forever loop or something. All of the bluescreens vanished just like that, replaced with freezing or instant crash to console UI. It's bad, so bad that I made a decision not to get any friends or relatives to try the game out. It's a real shame too, because it's a beautiful game with a rich world and great gameplay (when it works). I rage quit (again) about six weeks ago and have been playing Neverwinter instead.

Neverwinter hasn't crashed a single time in about 40 hours of gameplay. (ESO would have crashed at least 20 times or had something happen that made me emit a stream of expletives not related to losing a fight.) However, there's one feature of Neverwinter that doesn't seem to work at all in spite of the feature appearing to be there, which is voice chat between players. This is utterly mystifying to me, because easy MMO player communication that Just Works is what builds a player base. It's what causes players to join each other's guilds and meet to go on raids. Players forming bonds in your game is what brings in the money.

Neverwinter's voice chat doesn't work. When you join a group, you see a little speaker icon blinking that indicates they're speaking into their mic, but you don't get their audio. PSN chat isn't an option, at least for me, because you can't start a PSN chat unless someone's in your friends list, and there's no way I'm adding every random group strangers I encounter to my PSN friends list... so voice chat in Neverwinter doesn't work. If they fixed it, I bet their long term userbase would increase significantly.

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