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This is a message for politicians, campaign managers, and party strategists: Putting the acquisition of political power ahead of the wishes of people to be represented will cause me to withhold my vote for a politician, campaign, or party.

My telephone number is on the National Do Not Call list. That means that I don't want to receive political robocalls from any campaign. I neither need nor want robocalls to help me decide who to vote for. That political calls are not required by law to be screened against that list is irrelevant; what is relevant is that I put my number on that list so that callers can easily and inexpensively determine that I don't want to receive robocalls. (The fee to political campaigns to download the list by area code for screening to prevent unwanted calls is $0)

If you call me, you are telling me that you care more about your agenda than about what I want, and you will lose my vote. If you believe that ignoring the National Do Not Call list nets you more votes than not, I suggest you engage in some studies to determine whether or not that is true and rely on evidence rather than a gut feel - because millions of people have gone out of their way to add their telephone number to that list and by calling them anyway, you may be swaying Do Not Call voters in a direction other than you intend.