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If you believe in the Open Source movement and appreciate what things like the GPL and Creative Commons have done for freedom of information exchange, technology development, and the nurturing of collaboration, then you should see the problem with the proliferation of web sites that refuse to work at all unless people are using certain browser combinations with certain technologies installed. When a web site ostensibly offers "open source" assets - but only to those with Javascript enabled - it is not an open site. It's closed and proprietary.

Enabling Javascript would be like running every email attachment that anyone sends me. I don't do it, and I don't buy things from web sites that require Javascript because they won't let me. I believe that maintaining a free and open World Wide Web that works is every bit as important as the concept of Open Source.

The Wayback Machine has crawled and hosted archives of this web site for over 20 years. Sadly, the Wayback Machine now requires javascript to access it. After repeated attempts to communicate with anyone at Internet Archive or the Wayback Machine about the issue, I have requested that The Wayback Machine delete all content that it has copied and stored from this site. If you are reading this on the Wayback Machine, you are looking at a willful violation of the DMCA.

They have apparently also stopped honoring robots.txt and their bot does not respect crawl-delay so I dropped into the block list here. It really is a cryin' shame. The Wayback Machine was so cool, but it grew and grew and started treating people as secondary interests as so many incorporate things created by humans tend to do.